23 August 2011

Change of postal address for the main Tax Credits Office in Preston

HMRC have changed to one central postcode for their main Tax Credit Office in Preston.  The new postcode is PR1 4AT and they are in the process of updating appropriate correspondence and links on the HMRC website.

The full postal address is now:

HM Revenue & Customs
Tax Credit Office
PR1 4AT 

This address is for general enquires and to submit such things as change of circumstances, disputes, complaints, appeals and requests for backdating.  Please ensure you mark the envelope for a specific team  (e.g. change of circumstances or appeals team).

The main address of Comben House, Farriers Way, Netherton should still be used in all cases where HMRC have provided a reply envelope containing this address (e.g. to submit tax credits claim forms and to return annual declarations (Renewals)).

You can find information about the different ways of contacting HMRC about tax credits in our ‘how to deal with HMRC section’. It also gives information about the security procedures in place when contacting the tax credits helpline.