23 November 2017

Autumn Budget, November 2017 – Universal Credit roll-out slowed down

Contained within the official Budget documents is the announcement of a change to the Universal Credit (UC) roll-out schedule. (para.6.15).

Between February 2018 and April 2018, the pace of UC rollout will slow down from the previously announced schedule and roll-out will not be complete until December 2018, rather than September 2018 as previously announced.

We have asked for confirmation of how this slow-down will impact new claims for tax credits from October 2018 and will update the website as information becomes available.

(UPDATE 23 November 2017 - The Secretary of State today confirmed that people with three or more children (who are not covered by any exception) will continue to be diverted to tax credits until the end of January 2019. Tax credits will therefore be open for new claims until 31 January 2019 rather than 31 October 2018 as previously announced. The full statement can be found on the Parliament UK website. 

The official Budget documents are available via the GOV.UK website