6 November 2023

Cost of living payment - tax credits

From 3 November, HMRC will be sending a text message to tax credits claimants (who they have up-to-date phone numbers for) reminding them of the payment dates for the next Cost of Living Payment and directing them to the GOV.UK website for more information.

The text message won’t contain any links to websites or ask for a response, personal details or financial information.

Claimants can check advice on scams by searching ‘HMRC phishing and scams’ on GOV.UK. They can also check if contact from HMRC is genuine by searching ‘Check a text message from HMRC’ on GOV.UK .

HMRC say that that receiving this text message, or having received a previous payment, doesn’t guarantee they’ll be eligible and claimants should check if they’re eligible searching ‘Cost of Living Payments’ on GOV.UK.

HMRC say that if claimants don't receive the text message but think they should, they should check their mobile number that HMRC hold is up to date so they can receive future communications from HMRC. Claimants can do this online by searching for ‘HMRC services’ on GOV.UK.   

Eligible claimants receiving tax credits but no other qualifying DWP benefits will receive the second 2023-24 Cost of Living Payment of £300 from HMRC between 10-19 November. This will follow shortly after DWP payments to other eligible customers start on 31 October. Claimants do not need to contact HMRC or apply – payment continues to be automatic into the bank account where they receive their tax credits payments.   

HMRC say that any further information claimants need will be updated on GOV.UK.