5 October 2022

Cost of Living Payments - tax credit only claimants

HMRC have published the following information about the second cost of living payment for tax credit claimants:

Who will be eligible?

To be eligible for the second payment, tax credit-only customers must have received a payment, or an annual award, of at least £26 for the 22/23 tax year, of tax credits for any day in the period 26 August to 25 September 2022, or later be found to be entitled to tax credits for this period. 

Information on eligibility for tax credit customers, and those on other eligible benefits from the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), can also be found on GOV.UK

When will customers receive the second Cost of Living payment? 

Tax credit customers who also receive another qualifying income-related benefit from DWP will receive their payment from DWP between 8 and 23 November. Eligible customers on tax credits only will receive their payment shortly after DWP payments, to avoid duplicate payments being made.  

Customers do not need to contact us (HMRC) or apply – payment will be made automatically into the bank account where they receive their tax credits payments.  

More information about the Cost of Living Payments can be found on GOV.UK.