9 February 2018

HMRC postal addresses: Using a courier

HMRC have been gradually switching their postal addresses to a series of BX postal addresses.

HMRC say the BX postal addresses are part of a commercial agreement between HMRC and the Royal Mail and they have confirmed these BX post addresses will not process post which is delivered by couriers. Items sent by courier to any of HMRC’s BX postal addresses are likely to be returned to sender.

Anyone who uses a courier instead of the Royal Mail to send items to HMRC, must use a different postal address which HMRC use for handling courier post.

HMRC’s postal address to be used by couriers is:

HM Revenue and Customs

Benton Park View

Newcastle Upon Tyne

NE98 1ZZ

The HMRC address for couriers is also on the GOV.UK website

This address is for all courier items sent to HMRC, including those relating to tax credits, child benefit and Tax Free childcare.