18 September 2017

HMRC research about transition from tax credits to universal credit

Last week, HMRC published 3 new research reports about the transition of tax credit claimants from tax credits to universal credit and the in-year finalisation process:

1. Understanding the impact of stopping tax credits on the self-employed: Phase 2 

In-year finalisation is the process that closes down a tax credits award, once universal credit has been claimed.

This research tested various ways of explaining what was required from self- employed claimants to enable them to close down their tax credits claim, once they had claimed universal credit. Previous research had identified that this was a particular issue for the self-employed.

The research explored a number of different methods to explain how to calculate the in-year income required by the in-year finalisation process.

2.  Understanding the in-year finalisation process for self-employed customers 

The research explores self-employed claimants’ thoughts about the concept of moving to universal credit, including their response to and information needed to enable them to comply with requirements specific to the self-employed.

3. Stopping tax credits and the transition to universal credit: qualitative research to explore customer experience 

HMRC and the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) commissioned this qualitative research to explore former tax credit customers’ experiences, information and support needs during the transition from tax credits to universal credit.

The findings from this report are being used by HMRC and DWP to continually improve the service for claimants and other stakeholders.