31 January 2017

HMRC use voice ID on the tax credits helpline

From January 2017, HMRC have introduced voice ID on the tax credits helpline. Some claimants who call the line will be able to enrol for the new voice identification service (Voice ID)

According to HMRC’s announcement, the enrolment process is straightforward. The first time a claimant calls, they will be asked to repeat a vocal passphrase up to five times and then be passed back to an adviser to complete their call.

The recorded passphrase will be securely stored and the claimant can use their voice to confirm their identity on future calls.

The technology used measure more than 100 different characteristics before determining a match, making it one of the most secure systems according to HMRC.

Claimants can choose to opt-out of this service and continue to use HMRC’s services in the usual way if they prefer.