21 January 2019

Reminder to provide actual income figures by 2SD (31 January 2019)

HMRC have advised that they are reminding claimants who renewed their tax credits using estimated income figures to tell about their actual income for tax credits purposes when they complete their self-assessment return.

HMRC say they will send out targeted text messages and letters to claimants (who have previously estimated their income from self-employment for 2017-18) to remind them to tell HMRC about their actual income, for that year, by 31 January. 

The text messages will come from the number 60886 (which is the standard HMRC identifier) and will say the following:

HMRC Tax Credits: We need you to confirm your actual 2017/18 income. Please go online to gov.uk ‘manage your tax credits’ or call our helpline.

Claimants can now use the on-line tax credits service to report their income for 2017-18. HMRC's contact details, including on-line contact, are available on the GOV.UK website.

HMRC said they will not send these messages on Mondays or Fridays and that if people think they have been sent a fraudulent message, they should forward it to 60599. More information can be found at: Fraudulent HMRC emails, text messages and suspicious phone calls - GOV.UK