20 July 2018

Tax credit renewal deadline 31 July 2018

The tax credit annual renewal period is underway. Claimants who have claimed tax credits during the 2017-2018, and who have not already finalised their claim due to a move to universal credit, should have received their tax credit renewal pack by the end of June. Anyone expecting a renewal pack who hasn’t yet received it should contact HMRC.

Claimants who receive a reply-required renewal pack – with a red line across the first page - must complete their renewal declaration by 31 July 2018, otherwise their payments will stop. If actual income is not known, then an estimate must be given by 31 July with the actual income confirmed by 31 January 2019. Claimants who receive an auto-renewal pack only need to contact HMRC if they have changes or corrections to report.

Tax Credit renewals can be completed either:

Tax Credit Office 
 HM Revenue and Customs 
 BX9 1LR 
 United Kingdom

More information about tax credit renewal sis available in our tax credit section  and on the GOV.UK website .