15 April 2020

Tax Credit renewals

This year, HMRC will automatically renew all tax credits claims apart from a small number they have identified as needing some more information from. This means that around 3.9 million customers will have their claim auto renewed. These customers will receive an auto renewal pack and they will only need to contact HMRC if their details differ from those quoted in the renewals pack.

Approximately 150,000 customers who HMRC need some more information from will be sent a reply required renewal pack. These people will need to complete their renewal by 31 July 2020 in the normal way (online, using HMRC's app, by telephone or by post).

More guidance, including renewing tax credits on-line, is available on the GOV.UK website

Please be aware that anyone who currently claims tax credits and makes a claim for Universal Credit, their tax credit award will be closed from the day before their Universal Credit claim is made. Once they have made a Universal Credit claim it is not possible to go back to tax credits for most people.