17 January 2017

Tax credits - HMRC digital services

HMRC's on-line Manage your tax credits service is available via the GOV.UK website and covers a range of tasks including notifying changes of circumstances, checking latest payment details and renewing (during the annual renewal period). 

Claimants using Manage your tax credits need to set up a Government Gateway account or use their exisiting Government Gateway account if they already have one. They also need a mobile phone or a telephone landline nearby to receive the unique 6-digit code which is sent out to them to be used as they 'log-in'.

Claimants who have a smart phone can also use the HMRC app to update their tax credits information, check payments and renew (during the renewal period). The HMRC app is free to download and use from the appropiate 'app' store.

Claimants using HMRC's on-line services via GOV.UK can also use the 'webchat' service, which gives them the option to 'chat' to an HMRC adviser about general information or, as part of Manage your tax credits, webchat advisers can help with information specific to the claimant's tax credit claim.

You can read more about HMRC's tax credit digital services on our Contacting HMRC about tax credits page.