7 August 2017

Treasury Select Committee Chair writes to HMRC about online childcare system

Last week, the new Chair of the Treasury Select Committee Nicky Morgan MP, announced that she had written to HMRC’s Chief Executive (Jon Thompson) about the new Tax-Free Childcare (TFC) online service. The letter asks HMRC for core performance data on the Childcare Service website where claims for TFC are made. The letter warns that the information is being requested ‘in preparation for any potential Treasury Committee consider for this matter’.

The letter comes after various websites reported that claimants were having difficulties using the online claim system to access TFC and the new 30 hour free childcare offer (available from September 2018). The letter itself has not been published online yet. 

TFC is currently being rolled out. Only certain groups are currently eligible to make a claim. We are currently preparing a detailed guidance section for advisers which will be published soon, in the meantime you can find information about TFC and other childcare schemes on the LITRG website.