7 June 2017

Universal Credit full (digital) roll-out continues - 7 June 2017

Further postcode areas in Great Britain have become part of the Universal Credit full (digital) service today, 7 June 2017.

These postcodes were previously part of the live UC service. Existing live service claimants will eventually be transferred to the full (digital) service.

The postcodes that have entered the full (digital) service today are:

In these postcode areas, new claims for child tax credit and working tax credit are no longer possible unless the claimant or their partner are over state pension credit age or a small number of other exceptions apply. In addition until 31 October 2018, if the claimant is responsible for three or more children then they will need to claim tax credits instead of UC unless they have claimed UC in the last 6 months and are able to reclaim. See our digital page for more information on the tax credit consequences.

To find out the UC and tax credit position for your postcode area – visit our postcode tool www.universalcreditinfo.net

To get detailed guidance on the UC roll-out and what it means for tax credit claims see our Universal Credit guidance section.