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For access to the latest information on the range of HMRC ‘products’ including tax credits, child benefit and guardian’s allowance, national minimum wage and tax-free childcare .... as well as information and guidance on the transition from tax credits to universal credit.

Latest updates

New tax-free childcare legislation (19 Januray 2017): Small Charitable Donations and Childcare Payments Act 2017 >> More tax-free childcare statutes

New blog post (17 January 2017): Tax credits - HMRC digital services

New blog post (13 January 2017): Tax credit helpline now open on Sundays

Consolidated legislation (19 December 2016): Consolidated tax credits statutues and statutory instruments, updated by LexisNexis to December 2016, are now available.

New blog post (5 December 2016): Child Tax Credit – backdating the disability and severe disability rates to April 2016

New tax credits Upper Tribunal decision (28 November 2016): CTC/993/2016 - 'Statement Like an Award Notice' (SLAN) issued by HMRC treated as section 18 decision to ensure Tribunal has jurisdiction to address claimant's grievance >> More tax credit case law

New tax credits Upper Tribunal decision (28 November 2016): CTC/1544/2015 - 'Statement Like an Award Notice' (SLAN) is not appealable - Failure of HMRC to put copy of decision under appeal before the FTT >> More tax credit case law

New child benefit Upper Tribunal decision (28 November 2016): CF/3390/2015 - Basis of entitlement and competing claims - jurisdiction application for witness summons >> More child benefit case law

2017/2018 uprating (23 November 2016): the 2017/2018 tax credit, child benefit and guardian's allowance rates were issued on 23 November 2016 alongside the 2016 Autumn Statement.


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