6 April 2017

CPAG UC advice service for advisers

CPAG has launched a new universal credit email advice service for advisers in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. The service is designed to supplement CPAG’s Handbooks, telephone advice service, and online information provided on their website through Ask CPAG. It will also provide CPAG with case examples of problem areas which they can use in their policy and campaigns work.

You can use the service by sending your universal credit queries to advice@cpag.org.uk. Please ensure you include all relevant details. Your enquiry will be acknowledged and you will receive a substantive response as soon as possible. Please note that the service is limited to providing email advice and that CPAG is unable to take on cases or provide advice and advocacy directly to clients.

Advisers in Scotland can use the existing email service at advice@cpagscotland.org.uk

NB - 2 child limit test cases: Child Poverty Action Group is also looking into the possible routes of legal challenge to the 2 child rule in tax credits and universal credit and would like help in locating potential claimants who would be affected by this rule and who would be willing to be part of a CPAG legal challenge.

CPAG is also looking in general for:

Any family already claiming benefits with two children and looking to have more in the near future 

But also the following particular types of households which may be unfairly affected by the rule (though this is not an exhaustive list of examples):

Two lone parent household units already with two children each considering forming a single ‘blended family’ arrangement because the adults have become a couple;
An individual or couple caring for one or two ‘kinship’ children but contemplating having children of their own;
A family which, when the children were born, did not require state support but now has a need to because of an unexpected change in circumstances (e.g. loss of a job); and
A parent who is religiously or philosophically opposed to birth control.  

If you can help, please contact testcases@cpag.org.uk