22 July 2016

Tax Credit Renewals - deadline 31 July

By now, all claimants should have received their tax credit renewal pack. Anyone who hasn’t should contact HMRC to chase it up.

Some claimants will receive just one form which they should check. These awards will be auto-renewed and claimants only need to contact HMRC if the information is wrong or if they have a change to report. Others will receive 2 forms and must complete their renewal action. The deadline for renewing tax credits is 31 July.

For some claimants, the renewal form may already show an income figure that HMRC have obtained from the tax system (RTI). There are several deductions that are allowable for tax credit purposes so its important read the notes carefully to check if any should apply. You can read more about this in our section on RTI and tax credits 

Claimants can renew by post (HMRC do not issue pre-paid envelopes), by telephone or on-line or by using the new HMRC App.

Claimants renewing on-line do so via the GOV.UK website. For security, they will need to set-up a Government Gateway account (or use their existing one if they already have one) and have a mobile phone to receive a unique 6-digit code that HMRC will send to them.

The HMRC App is free and available via the App store or Google Play store.