24 July 2019

Universal Credit managed migration pilot

The Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, Amber Rudd, gave an oral statement to the House of Commons on 22 July confirming that the managed migration pilot to transfer claimants from legacy benefits to universal credit (UC) would commence in July.

The regulations allow for the managed migration of up to 10,000 claimants to UC and include provisions covering backdated payment and ongoing transitional payments to those claimants in receipt of a severe disability premium (SDP) who have already moved over to UC. The SDP Gateway, which currently prevents SDP recipients from claiming UC and allows them to remain on their legacy benefits, will close from 2021.

Talking about claimants who receive a severe disability premium, Amber Rudd said ‘Claimants will now receive payments of up to £405 per month alongside their universal credit awards, increased from the previous proposed maximum of £360. We estimate that by 2024-25, approximately 45,000 of the most vulnerable claimants will benefit from this package of support, worth an estimated £600 million over the next six years. My Department will begin the process on Wednesday, ensuring that claimants are paid at the earliest opportunity.’

The managed migration pilot will begin in Harrogate in July and claimants selected to participate in the pilot will not be at risk of having their legacy benefits switched off unless and until they have safely moved across to UC.

Amber Rudd also confirmed that she was laying the necessary regulations to support the pilot under negative resolution, under advice from the Joint Committee on Statutory Instruments.

Specific provisions covering appeals have been removed from this set of regulations, which would otherwise have been required to proceed under affirmative procedure.

Amber Rudd’s full statement is available on the Parliament UK website

The regulations are available on the legislation.gov.uk website