Transition to universal credit: Local Council Tax

Under the Government’s Welfare Reform agenda, Council Tax Benefit, which provided help for people on low incomes towards their council tax, was abolished from 1 April 2013. It was replaced with local council tax support schemes. Support for council tax will therefore be outside of the Universal Credit system. This means each local council is responsible for setting and running their own arrangements to support people on low incomes with their council tax bills.

The schemes will run differently in each area. Links to all published  local council tax support schemes for advisers can be found on the Rightsnet webpage and each local council has information on their own webpages.

The devolved administrations in Wales and Scotland have each pledged certain funding to their  councils to help support the local arrangements and have each agreed that in 2013- 2014 people will not receive less than they would have under Council Tax Benefit.

Updated 19 July 2013