Child Trust Fund: Dealing with problems

There are certain child trust fund (CTF) decisions that can be appealed. These are listed in the appeals section and follow the tribunal service route.

However, claimants may experience other problems with the CTF where there is no right of appeal or they wish to complain about the service they have received.

How to complain depends on whether the complaint is about HMRC or the CTF account provider.

Complaints about HMRC

As HMRC administer the CTF, complaints follow their normal complaints process which is outlined briefly on their website and in their complaints leaflet C/FS1.

In the first instance, complaints should be sent in writing to:

The Customer Service Manager,
Child Trust Fund Office,
Waterview Park
Mandarin Way,
NE38 8QG

If the reply received from HMRC is still not satisfactory, you can ask them to look at the complaint again. This is often called a ‘Tier 2’ complaint.

If the response form the Tier 2 complaint is still not satisfactory, further complaint can be made to the Adjudicator’s Office and onwards to the Parliamentary Ombudsman.

Complaints about a CTF provider

Initial complaints about a provider should be made directly to them and follow their normal complaints procedure. If the response is unsatisfactory, the complaint can be progressed further to the Financial Ombudsman.