Self-employment: Reporting income from self-employment

Claimants must report their self-employed earnings for the assessment period up to 7 days before and 14 days after the end of the assessment period. Claimants should do this via their online UC account. If help is needed, the UC helpline should be able to provide support (0800 328 5644 textphone 0800 328 1344). 

Reporting self-employed earnings on time is very important. Generally the calculation of earned income is to be based on actual amounts received in the period but DWP have the power to make a determination as to the amount of a person's earned income in relation to an assessment period where a person has failed to report information in relation to that earned income. That determination can be based on an estimate of the amounts received or expected to be received in that assessment period.

If DWP do not make an estimate, then failure to report earnings could lead to a delay in UC payment.

Last reviewed/updated 25 May 2022