Universal credit: Transitional protection

The Government have said that anyone that is ‘managed migrated’ over to Universal Credit will not lose out in cash terms where their circumstances remain the same. In order to ensure this happens, UC will include a transitional protection in the form of an additional amount to broadly make up the difference between UC amount awarded and what the claimant was receiving in total from legacy benefits (for example tax credits).

The draft regulations setting out the managed migration process, including details of transitional protection, were consulted on by the Social Security Advisory Committee in July 2018. The SSAC report and the Government's response were published in November 2018. Some changes were made to the Regulations as a result of SSAC's report. The draft regulations were also published in November 2018 and are expected to be debated in Parliament in early January 2019.

We will update this page once the detail of transitional protection is confirmed.

Last reviewed/updated 8 January 2019