Child trust fund: HMRC leaflets and guidance

HMRC have produced a range of leaflets and guidance for both claimants and child trust fund (CTF) providers.

Information for claimants and advisers
Information for CTF providers
CTF Bulletins

Information for claimants and advisers

This leaflet gives a basic explanation of the benefits of the CTF.

This leaflet gives a basic overview of the CTF and explains the different types of accounts that are available to open with the voucher.

A basic factsheet containing a list of frequently asked questions about the CTF. 

A one page factsheet which outlines briefly how to open a CTF account.

A detailed guide on how to choose a CTF account.

Normally CTF accounts cannot be accessed until a child reaches the age of 18. These notes explain how the fund can be accessed earlier if a child is terminally ill.

This factsheet gives guidance on the CTF for those who have adopted or are carers. Three versions are available for -

England and Wales

Northern Ireland


Information for CTF providers

This document provides detailed guidance on the CTF for providers. It includes some useful information on the types of CTF accounts available.

CTF Bulletins

HMRC have produced and published a series of CTF bulletin notices that contain information and updates.

Last reviewed/updated 17 October 2014