Child Trust Fund: Public statistics

This section contains statistics relating to child trust fund (CTF) published by HMRC.

Statistical reports

These statistical reports, published annually by HMRC, set out the operational statistics for each year of the CTF. This includes information such as vouchers issued and account opening figures.

Constituency and Local Authority statistics

The following annual reports show account opening figures broken down by constituency and (where available) by Local Authority.

Quarterly reports

HMRC have published quarterly reports on their website showing the number of vouchers issued in the stated period and how many of those vouchers were used by parents to open an account. HMRC note that the figures are based on accounts reported to HMRC and there since most providers operate a ‘'cooling off' period of between 14 and 31 days when first presented with CTF voucher; during this period the account cannot be reported as opened to HMRC. This means that the number of accounts opened is always less than the number of vouchers already presented to providers and awaiting the end of the cooling off period.

Last reviewed/updated 14 February 2013