Tax Credits: Government websites

In this section you will find links to Government websites that contain information about tax credits.

Generally, Government websites provide reliable information on tax credits, although occasionally information can be misleading, incomplete or incorrect. When relying on web material from Government sites, it is advisable to take a screen shot or print the page as they are constantly updated and revised. This will be helpful if there is any later dispute.


This website replaces the material previously found on the separate HMRC website. Due to the structure of the GOV.UK website, the information is not collected in one ‘tax credits’ section and readers may need to search through different pages to find the required information. Most of the tax credits material is very basic and therefore in parts may not fully explain the rules which could be misleading. As noted above, we recommend that advisers and claimants print any pages on which they rely and keep them should any later dispute arise.

The GOV.UK website no longer holds the benefits adviser calculator, instead claimants and their advisers are directed to external calculators such as and Turn2us More information can be found in How much can your client get?

Whilst tax credits are administered centrally and not devolved, various matters relating to social security are devolved to Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, respectively.

Each devolved administration has their own government website providing information in addition to the UK-wide GOV.UK website.

Scotland – and 

Wales –

National Health Service

This part of the NHS explains what a NHS Tax Credit Exemption Certificate covers and how you obtain one.

Government data

Here you can search for various tax credits datasets.


Here you can search for legislation relating to tax credits. You can also find legislation in PDF format in our legislation and case law section

Government Web Archive*/http:/

Here you can enter past versions of HMRC’s website (from 2006 onwards). It allows you to access HMRC’s website at various snapshots in time to see what the website contained at that moment. The contents and links are still live so you are able to navigate through the site and see the guidance, forms and leaflets as they were at that time.

Last reviewed/updated 1 July 2022