Universal credit: Live service

What is live service?

When UC started in April 2013, the IT system used was developed by private contractors. Following a programme ‘reset’, DWP decided to build their own digital IT system (now known as the full service system) that would run alongside the existing system. Areas using the original system are known as ‘live service areas’.

Live service areas continued to roll-out until April 2016 in order to test and learn processes and policy. From May 2016, live service areas were gradually changed into UC full service areas and all existing live service claimants in those areas were transferred to the full service system. No brand new claims to the live service have been possible since 1 January 2018. 

Existing live service claimants

As of April 2019, all live service claimants have been moved across to the full service system.

Last reviewed/updated 23 May 2022