Universal Credit Policy

This section of the website covers Universal Credit policy issues.

Policy changes: This section contains information about changes to Universal Credit policy that have been announced. Where changes are planned but not yet in place or the legislation is not yet published, the finer details of those policy changes may not be available.

Background to Universal Credit: This section contains a full history of how Universal Credit developed from its origin as a solution proposed by the Centre for Social Justice in a research paper to the passage of the Welfare Reform Act 2012 through parliament.

Research and reports: This section contains reports by DWP, Social Security Advisory Committee and external bodies about Universal Credit.

Universal Credit statistics: This section provides links to official statistics covering Universal Credit.

Universal Credit consultations: This section provides links to official consultations concerning Universal Credit. The references include links to current and past consultations.

Evaluation of Universal Credit: This section provides links to the evaluation plans for Universal Credit and interim evaluations that have been carried out.

Last reviewed/updated 1 July 2022