Tax Credits: How to claim

To be entitled to tax credits you must claim them. There is no entitlement without a claim.

Telephone claims

Now that Universal Credit is fully rolled-out across the UK, most people can no longer make a new claim for tax credits and will claim UC instead. There are some temporary exceptions to this broad rule which mean that some groups will still be able to claim tax credits. There is more information about claiming UC in our UC section.

During January 2019, HMRC stopped issuing tax credit paper claims (paper claims already issued will still be accepted and processed in line with the rules that apply when the completed paper claim is received by HMRC) and the on-line claim form order facility was withdrawn from the GOV.UK website. Anyone who meets one of the exception criteria and wishes to make a new claim for tax credits from January 2019 onwards must telephone HMRC's tax credits helpline and the claim will be handled by telephone. HMRC have confirmed that for those who are unable to contact them directly by telephone due to hearing or speech impairment, they will continue to provide the Next Generation Text service. HMRC's NES (Needs Enhanced Support) team are able to arrange to deal with customers through face-to-face contact. See our section on contacting HMRC.

We will update this page with more information about tax credit telephone claims as it becomes available.

Obtaining a paper claim form

Paper claims forms for tax credits are no longer available. The paper claim form was called the TC600. HMRC have also withdrawn the TC600 notes that accompanied the form. You can see the 2018 version of the notes, which include a sample of the most recent form, in our forms, notices and checklists section.

Last reviewed/updated 24 April 2019