Tax Credits: HMRC calculators

HMRC have produced various tax credits related calculators which are on their website.

This section of the site gives links to these calculators with a brief description of what they are about. We advise that these calculators are used as a guide only and that before any action is taken claimants should get some advice from a welfare rights adviser at a local advice organisation.

Childcare costs calculator

This aims to help claimants calculate their childcare costs more accurately. This is an area identified by HMRC as high risk in terms of error and fraud. You can find out more about calculating childcare costs in our understanding childcare section.

Help with childcare costs calculator

This calculator can help claimants find out how much they may get towards approved childcare from the various government childcare schemes available. It includes the tax credit childcare element.

Last reviewed/updated 1 July 2022